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Professional Teeth Whitening Appleton, WI

Teeth whitening has helped millions of people combat the inevitable effects of time and aging on their pearly whites. Yellow teeth are frequently caused by years of smoking, drinking coffee or red wine, or eating foods like spaghetti or soy sauce. Teeth whitening removes these surface stains to give you a fresh, youthful look, making you proud to show off your smile every chance you get. Whether you have severe stains on your teeth or just wish your teeth were a little brighter, teeth whitening is the perfect way to give yourself a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Teeth whitening is also a popular option for both men and women before major events like weddings or job interviews, helping to give them the perfect look on an important day. Many others have their teeth whitened simply to maintain their image for daily life. Either way, you'll speak and smile with greater confidence once you no longer feel the need to hide yellow teeth.

Whitening Options at Your Appleton Dentist

At Anne E. Siegrist DDS, SC in Appleton, WI, we offer both in-office teeth whitening treatments and a take-home option. Both of our options are highly effective, safe, and gentle on your teeth. We use a kinder bleach solution with a desensitizer to help protect your lips, gums, cheeks, and teeth.

In-Office Treatment

If you have your teeth whitened in our office, we will carefully apply the whitening gel on your teeth and leave it for one hour to remove all the stains and yellowing from your teeth. This method can provide dramatic results, whitening your teeth several shades in just one hour.

Take-Home Whitening Trays

While we do offer in-office treatments, we prefer to make custom bleaching trays so that our patients can reuse the trays in the future to touch up their teeth as needed. Patients are generally most happy with this option that provides longer lasting results and the custom bleaching trays last for many years.

If you choose our take home option, we will take impressions of your mouth so that we can fabricate the bleaching trays to custom fit your mouth. You will also be provided with the bleaching solution and instructions for how to use and apply the whitening gel. You can then reuse the trays over and over as needed to touch up your smile.

Ready for a dazzling, radiant smile? Take advantage of professional teeth whitening treatments from Anne E. Siegrist DDS, SC! Call our Appleton, WI office today at (920) 730-9222 to learn more about our whitening options or to schedule an appointment. 

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